Dorie's World Bird List

Brighty and Dora Lee

Brighty was a fearless parakeet. He would call the cats from his cage--"Come here Smokey. Don't you bite me." He, and Momma's birdfeeder, sparked my interest in birds when I was but a child. This interest was fueled further by teaching for three years on Midway Island, a marine bird sanctuary, and living at the beach on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

I hope you enjoy my attempts to capture the beauty of the birds I have encountered all over the world. This labor of love is a work in progress. I have photographed 1,109 bird species of the 10,474 on the IOC list. Just 9,365 or so more to go!

Click on the links below to view my photographs. Please email me using the mailto at the bottom of each web page if you find I have misidentified birds.

NEW! Click here to see slideshows of my Sarasota Bird photos.