The Artist

One man show at the Performing Arts Association, Foley, AL

Dorie Parsons received her bachelor of fine arts and master of art education degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia.

She taught art, photography and humanities to grades kindergarten through graduate school for 34 years. After teaching in Virginia, Dorie joined the U. S. Department of Defense Dependents Schools and taught on U. S. military bases overseas for 30 years. Her teaching assignments included Midway Island, Japan, Turkey and Italy. She also worked at three DoDDS district offices serving schools in Okinawa, Japan; Turkey; Spain; Portugal; Bahrain and Italy. Dorie has been an instructor for Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Maryland, University of Hawaii, and San Diego State University. She teaches at the Gulf Coast Arts Alliance in Gulf Shores, AL, The Coastal Arts Center and the Adult Activity Center in Orange Beach, AL.

Her art work has been published and exhibited in several countries.

As you might expect, Dorie’s work includes photographs from all over the world. She has visited over 135 countries. She especially enjoys wandering through the bogs and beaches of the Gulf Coast in search of the beautiful animals and plants found here.

The Process

Many of her pictures started as digital photographs. The images were then manipulated on the computer using Adobe Photoshop software. Editing an image to change shape, line, texture, color, form, and space allows the artist to inject his or her own ideas.

Photographs are printed on professional quality paper using genuine Epson inks to produce archival quality prints. Art work should be stored in a plastic envelope or displayed under glass. Long exposure to direct sun can fade the print.

The Product

You are invited to view Dorie's photographs and digital images on this site, the Gulf Coast Arts Alliance in Gulf Shores, AL, and The Coastal Arts Center in Orange Beach, AL.