Student Comments

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  • Thank you for giving me your number. I know I will have questions as soon as I start.
  • I can't believe you are telling us to try the pre-set modes!
  • I thought "real" photographers only set shutter and aperture. I can't wait to try this.
  • dont stand in front of the tv
  • The class was just too short to answer all my questions. Lets do it again!
  • thank you!!!!!!! You are the best!
  • Very good information! I never knew my camera could do that. Can you come with me now on my trips and guide me through all you covered in class?
  • Next time I want to work more on layers. I don't understand how to move layers between pictures.
  • Dorie, I though the class was excellent. While I am not a novice at this, I love these basic classes. I always picks up things I did not know. In your class there were several things that were presented that I did not know or completely understand. The information was excellent, the pace was good allow time to ask questions and get a better understanding of the concepts. Thank you and I look forward to attending the future classes.
  • More classes on post-editing.
  • Do not let point and shoot cameras take this class. It took time away from the SLR questions.
  • I took three classes and found them very helpful in learning how to use my camera effectively. I am new at photography and your explanations were easy for me to understand and encouraging. I will continue classes next year when I return to improve my skills. You are a delightful teacher.
  • The hardest part will be to weed out the extra pictures. Thanks for showing me the shortcut keys.
  • Lets have wine next time
  • Certainly not at all boring......Very down to earth and useful....especially with my new Nikon. Very helpful points....I hope not to forget too much. Class kept me totally engaged and I appreciate your efforts. Hope your cold goes away very soon. THANKS SO MUCH.